Frequently Asked Questions

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How tight should the blades be (bolted) screwed on?

Blade Nut torque 14 – 19 Newton Metres
                     Or 10 – 14 Foot lbs
                     Or 120 – 168 Inch lbs
It is important not to overtighten the nut, as this could crack the thread on the blade bolt, causing the blade bolt to break in use, thereby releasing the blade, which could result in serious injury to operator or bystander. The blades should be "tight" to pivot, but not loose.

Can I change the blades myself?

Yes you can, provided:
a) You have the correct tools.
b) You know the correct order of assembly & orientation of the parts. Refer to the blade packaging for further instructions.

My blades are turned in. Will they open out when the mower is started?

Yes they will open out, when the engine starts. Do not try to reposition the blades.