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How to Find the Walk-Behind Mower for You

How To Find The Walk-Behind Mower For Your Needs

Buying a new lawn mower is a long-term investment in your home and garden so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you select the right mower to suit both you and your lawn.

  • First step is to look at your lawn itself. Victa lawn mowers are perfect for every popular Aussie lawn type including the popular soft-leaf buffalos such as ‘Sir Walter’ so look more at size of your lawn as well as layout and obstacles.
  • Roughly how large is the area you need to mow in square metres?
  • Is it a straightforward square or rectangular shape or do you have to maneuvre around lots of garden beds, borders and trees?
  • Is it nice and flat or do you have sloping or undulating areas?
  • How is the access? Do you have to go up or down steps, down a narrow side passage or through narrow gates?

Next consider who will be using the mower. Make sure the model you select will suit the height, reach and physical abilities of the people most likely to use it.


Cutting width or deck size

The deck size, often described as cutting width, is important to consider when selecting your mower. 16-inch decks are perfect where access is difficult, where you have to lift and carry, or for small lawns. You’ll find deck sizes on walk-behind mowers all the way up to commercial-grade 24-inch however the most popular deck sizes for home-owners are 18” or 19”.

Remember too that the wider the cut the less time you spend mowing as fewer runs over the lawn are required.As a rough rule of thumb the wider the deck the higher the price so select the model that strikes the right balance between your needs and your budget.

Victa has a wide range of walk-behind lawn mowers, all tested in Australia for Australian conditions. You’ll find a model to suit every possible need, from a tiny, manicured inner-city courtyard to a lush and leafy acreage. To find your perfect mower match, take a look at Victa’s walk-behind lawn mower guide.


Self-Propelled Vs. Push-Mowers. Which Walk-Behind Mower Is Best For You?

When you start looking at mowers you’ll run across two main types of traditional ‘walk-behind’ mowers – Push-Mowers and Self-Propelled. So which one is right for you?

The major difference between the two is in how the mower moves.

  • Push Mower: You provide the propulsion by walking and pushing the mower ahead of you.
  • Self-Propelled Mower: Redirects some of the engine power to drive the rear wheels of the mower. You just grip the handle, walk and steer, minimal effort required.

A traditional Walk-Behind is perfect for flat yards of less than 1,000 square metres. And don’t think of using a Push-Mower as a chore, you can take it as a nice easy stroll or go a bit harder and it becomes a great way to get a gentle work-out. No gym fees required!

If your yard is larger, up to 3,000sq/m, then consider a Self-Propelled mower. Self-Propelled are also ideal for lawns with more difficult terrain such as slopes or if you have mobility issues or physical limitations that may make a regular Walk-Behind difficult to use.

For lawn sizes 2,000 square metres and upwards then consider whether a Ride-On mower would be a better choice. Victa have a wide range of Ride-On mowers to suit even the largest rural lawn. Discover our models here!


Understanding Lawn Mower Features

When you ask people about their worst experiences with a lawn mower most will talk about how getting their old mower started was a lengthy, frustrating and sometimes even painful process. Thankfully technology has come to your rescue! After you’ve settled on size and type of mower you need to look at how a mower is started.

Automatic choke starting systems are the simplest and easiest to start. The mower is effectively in a stand-by state so that there is no manual priming, fiddling with settings or warm-up pulls required.

Victa mowers use two high-tech starting systems across many of the mowers in their range.

East Starting - The ReadyStart™ system from Briggs & Stratton

Helps eliminate priming and choking, the mower is always ready and waiting. Just shift the throttle to the start position, pull the cord and you’re off and mowing. No Priming, no choke, no worries!

Push-Button - InStart™ system from Briggs & Stratton

Taking starting to the next level are electronic starting systems such as Briggs & Stratton InStart™. These systems bring lawn mowers into the 21st century by eliminating pull starts altogether using a Li-Ion battery starting system instead. Simply shift the throttle to start position and push the button for an instant start.


What about the lawn clippings?

You’ll find the majority of mowers today feature mulch or catch options. On all Victa domestic mowers a grass catcher can be fitted to the rear of the mower. Catching your grass is ideal when grass has grown too long or if you like a really tidy finish.

Mulch mowing is a system where the lawn clippings are cut and recut by being recirculated through the blade system until they are reduced to very fine clippings. They are then blown back into the turf thatch where they breakdown quickly feeding both your lawn and the soil. It’s like giving your lawn a light organic feed every time you mow.

Victa mowers use a unique and super efficient mulching blade disc design to make the process of mulch mowing even more efficient and more sustainable.

Mulch mowing is also a time saver as you aren’t stopping and starting to empty the catcher. It even saves you money as the fertiliser demands of your lawn are reduced.

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