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At Victa, there’s nothing better than a perfectly cut lawn and to help your Victa cutting for longer, have your Victa serviced at one of our Victa Gold Dealers. Who else better to service your Victa, then a Victa trained technician.


Why is servicing important?

Just like having your car serviced, it is important to have your Victa Ride-on serviced by a Victa Trained Technician. Your Victa may often work in hot and dusty conditions, so it is vital that the engine is serviced to ensure hassle free mowing. It is also vital that the mower deck and steering components are properly serviced and maintained. To help preserve and maintain your new Victa Ride-on, make sure you follow the recommended service intervals outlined in your Victa Ride-on Service Schedule.


What's my service schedule?

Everyone’s mowing conditions can vary greatly, from lush thick green coastal grass to rough and tough paddock grass in rural areas. You should be servicing your Victa Ride-on based on either time or hours, whichever occurs first. The Victa Ride-on Service schedule is based on average conditions, additional servicing may be required in harsh conditions and there is no one better to plan your servicing requirement then you’re local Victa Gold Dealer.


What should you do

Ensure you have read the operators manual to understand how to operate your Victa Ride-on safely. It is important to check that all fluids are at their correct levels, belts and blades are in good condition, tyres are at correct pressures and visually check the general condition of your Victa Ride-on for safe operation before use.


How do I keep my mower working properly?

Even with regular servicing, it’s a good idea to check the essentials at least once per month. Check and clean air filter(s), check and top up engine and transmission oil, inspect belt(s) condition and tension, check blades for damage and tension, check battery is secure and terminals are clean. For guidance on how to carry out maintenance checks, refer to your Operators Manual & Service Schedule Handbook or contact your Victa Gold Dealer.


Where do I take my mower?

Victa has a network of authorised Victa Service Centres including our Gold Dealer Network. Your Victa Dealer employs trained and qualified Master Service Technicians. Using only genuine parts and consumables, your Victa dealer can ensure the highest quality service every time.



Do I need genuine spare parts?

Victa, Briggs & Stratton Genuine Parts are designed specifically for your Victa, by using only Genuine parts ensures that your Victa will continue operating as to its original specifications. Your Victa Ride-on deserves the best, so don’t compromise on safety or reliability by using none-genuine parts. Genuine Parts are covered by a one-year warranty.


What do I need to keep my mower running?

Using the correct lubricant and fluids in your Victa Ride-on is crucial, it’s the lifeblood of keeping your Victa running to its optimum performance. Your Victa is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and your local Victa dealer has access to the full range of Briggs & Stratton Warranty Certified oil and consumables.


What are the details regarding my warranty?

Refer to your Warranty Hand Book for full terms and conditions. Victa does not warrant parts fitted to your Victa Ride-on that are not Genuine Victa/Briggs & Stratton Part as supplied by Victa Australia.


How should I maintain my mower in colder weather?

The best way for your Victa Ride-on to end the season, is with a service from your local authorised Victa Dealer. This will help to ensure your Victa Ride-on is ready for the first day of mowing, after not being used during the Winter months. It is also recommended that the Briggs & Stratton Advance Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabiliser, is added to the fuel tank between extended periods without use. By adding this to the fuel tank, will ensure the fuel and internal components stays fresh and are protected against water corrosion .


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