Line Trimmers Buying Guide

Whether you call them as trimmers, edge trimmers or weed-whackers one thing you’ll know is that the lawns not finished until the edging is done. Line trimmers are the quick and easy way to tidy around garden beds, trim grass or weeds in hard to reach spots and for creating that perfect finish along paths, drives and kerbs.

Victa Line Trimmer

Petrol or Battery Powered?

The two most popular power sources are traditional petrol and Lithium-ion battery.

Petrol Powered Line Trimmers

Are ideal for their ability to cover large areas and to run for as long as you have fuel on-hand. Look for a model with vibration dampening to ensure comfort and reduce fatigue when using for longer periods.

As with all petrol gear servicing at regular intervals will extend the machines useful operating life and will make sure your line trimmer is always running smoothly, efficiently and safely.

You can perform much of the maintenance yourself with the appropriate parts from a Victa Gold Dealer or save yourself the hassle and book it in for a service and tune-up.
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Battery Powered Line Trimmers

Quieter and lower in vibrations than petrol models and do not require regular servicing. They are also ready-to-go straight out of the shed – no refuelling, priming and pulling of cords.

As line trimming is a high-drain use they can be somewhat limited by battery run-time. This is easily overcome by having a second battery effectively allowing you to use the product non-stop like a petrol line trimmer with one charging while one is being used.

Battery technology and engineering has advanced so much that some battery trimmers are now just as powerful as petrol models. To gauge this look at both the voltage (this indicates the power of the battery) and the amp hours (Ah), as a rule the higher the Ah the longer the run time.

Trim Time Off The Job

Line Trimmer Heads

The two heads you are most likely to encounter are easy change heads and bump heads, it’s important to note that Victa petrol models come with both.

Easy Change Heads

A simple disc with a series of holes through them and a hook in the middle. Line is cut to size, or bought pre-cut, and is threaded through the head so an equal amount extends from each side. As the line wears down the stump of line needs to be removed and a new piece inserted.

Bump Heads

Contain a self-feeding mechanism. They have a large amount of trimmer line wound on a spool within the head itself. As the line is worn down you simply bump the head on the ground to release extra trimmer line. This means there is less time replacing line into the head allowing you to trim for longer without interruption.  



Some Trimmers, such as Victa models featuring the Easy Link system, can be used with a wide variety of attachments. These can be highly useful if you have other small tasks in your yard but are limited by space, or budget, when it comes to adding extra bulky power tools to your kit.

Attachments available include:

  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Bladed lawn Edger
  • Pole Pruner
  • Pole Extension

These attachments can turn your line trimmer into a whole shed full of power tools giving you ultimate flexibility to get every job done faster without needing huge amounts of storage space.


Look Out For These Features

Safety Tips

Safety is one of the most important considerations when using garden power tools due to the inherent risks involved. Line trimmers pose their own range of safety risks as the throw a lot of material around. Petrol machines also tend to have high noise levels and the engine is much closer to your ears than other power equipment tends to be.

When you’re buying your new line trimmer use this as an opportunity to add to or replace gear in your safety kit. Always select Australian Standards Approved safety equipment. As a minimum you’ll want to use;

  • Eye protection – safety glasses or goggles
  • Hearing protection – ear muffs or ear plugs.
  • Medium-duty gloves.
  • Work boots or other heavy-weight leather closed-toe footwear