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Victa Vac & Blow – The most convenient way to tidy outdoor surfaces
June 27, 2016

The Victa Vac & Blow is designed to cut down the time you spend cleaning hard surfaces around your home - including paving, decking & concrete. While the wheeled design makes it more comfortable to use than conventional hand-held or shoulder-slung designs. Read More

Victa to roll out historic eight millionth lawnmower
June 27, 2016

Legend has it that it took 14 years for iconic brand Victa to roll out their one millionth lawnmower, and from there another seven years to produce the second millionth. As reliably as a Victa mower itself, production of this Australian backyard staple has been consistently strong throughout its proud history, with the seven millionth bursting off the line in 2004. And you guessed it - another seven years on and Victa's Moorebank facility is set to sharpen the blades on another major milestone. Number eight million. Read More

Victa announces auction of 8 Millionth mower with proceeds going to the RSPCA
November 09, 2011

Iconic brand Victa Lawncare has celebrated a major milestone by rolling out their eight millionth lawnmower. Victa employees and associates witnessed the unique one-off mower being assembled at their head office, located at Moorebank NSW on Wednesday 28th September. Read More