Victa Vac & Blow – The most convenient way to tidy outdoor surfaces

With Autumn right around the corner, your garden and footpath is bound to begin overflowing with fallen leaves. This is the time of year home owners usually get out the rake and do the annual chore of getting rid of them. Victa, famous for cutting grass, can also help householders keep their outdoors tidy even when the grass is not growing! The Victa Vac & Blow is a lightweight, highly maneuverable outdoor vacuum-blower that makes outdoor tidy-up jobs easy

The Victa Vac & Blow is designed to cut down the time you spend cleaning hard surfaces around your home - including paving, decking & concrete. While the wheeled design makes it more comfortable to use than conventional hand-held or shoulder-slung designs.

Switching between vacuum and blowing modes on some units requires complex disassembly and reassembly of parts, but not on the Victa Vac & Blow. Using the single action function switch, the operator can easily switch between modes.

The Victa Vac & Blow also includes a metal mulching impeller allowing you to shred leaves and other unwanted debris into fine mulch, which can then be used on garden beds. And as well as featuring a light weight catcher bag the Vacuum has an extra wide, low-clearance inlet with an in-built brush to assist collection.

In addition, the Victa Vac & Blow includes a ground level, high-velocity blower to quickly blow dust & leafs away from your path ensuring maximum coverage and better results.

By listening to their consumers, Victa has assembled a new generation of user-friendly products and is constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing climate and increasingly diverse lifestyle.

Choose between the high powered electric model or the 2-stroke petrol model, which is perfect for use around pools or when mains power is unavailable.

Victa Vac & Blow Electric RRP: $369

Victa Vac & Blow Petrol RRP: $549

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