Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Victa mowers still made in Australia?

Yes! Virtually all Victa mowers are assembled at Victa's factory in Moorebank NSW, from components sourced mostly from local businesses. The 2-stroke Victa engines are made in Australia, while the 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh and Honda engines are manufactured at their various international facilities. All internationally sourced components and finished goods are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure compliance with Victa's rigorous quality and safety standards.

What type of battery is used on my ride-on mower?

12 volt Battery, type 12N24

What type of battery is used on my Keystart mower?

Panasonic 12 volt model LC-R127R2P (12v, 7.2Ah/20 hr)
This is a rechargeable lead acid battery similar to an automotive type battery; however the battery is fully sealed.

What is the incline of a slope that a self-propelled mower is capable of climbing? What speed do the self-propelled mowers travel at?

The ability of the wheels to maintain traction on the grass is the limiting factor, even if slip should occur at one wheel the other wheel will keep on driving.
As a rule of thumb in most conditions the mower will readily drive up a 1 in 3 slope (18 degrees), and with more difficulty on a 1 in 2 slope (27 degrees).
4 km – domestic self-propelled
3-5 km – vari-speed self-propelled

What are the minimum and maximum cutting heights of my mower?

18” Steel deck – 6 mm min. to 66 mm max.
18” Alloy deck – 15 mm min. to 71 mm max.
Both decks have 13 height setting position, except Vantage models. Vantage models without the Plastic Segment have 11 positions.
19” Steel Deck – 15 mm to 72 mm
19” Alloy Deck – 15 mm to 72 mm

What is the capacity (volume) of the grass catcher?

42 litres for the plastic catcher
55 litres for the fabric catcher

Who covers the warranty on 4-stroke powered mowers?

Briggs & Stratton covers the engine warranty – Victa covers the chassis
Tecumseh covers the engine warranty – Victa covers the chassis
Honda covers the engine warranty – Victa covers the chassis

What is the weight of my mower?

Domestic Mowers: Between 29kg and 32kg
Master Series: Between 33kg and 59kg
Electric Mowers: Between 12kg and 15kg

What type of paint is used on the decks? Is touch up paint available?

All Victa decks (baseplates) are Powder coated. Touch up paint is not available.

Why are there different warranties on different models?

Because of different features on varying models at different price ranges.

Is Victa still an Australian company?

In June 2008 Victa Lawncare was sold to Briggs & Stratton Australia Pty. Ltd., part of the U.S. based Briggs & Stratton Corporation, the world’s largest small engine manufacturer and major supplier of engines to Victa. The vast majority of Victa’s mower products continue to be manufactured at the company’s Moorebank NSW head office.