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Victa has a large number of articles centered on lawn care, these articles are detailed and varied and include topics like:

  • Grass types and lawn maintenance tips: what grass type for each part of the country and how to care for them.
  • Seasonal tips: garden tips for each season to get the most out of your lawn and garden.
  • Controlling pests: Lawn care to ensure that pests don’t undo your hard work.
  • Laying new turf: New grass and landscaping ideas to get the most out of your lawn.

Find these lawn care topics and more below.

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Lawn Care Articles

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Types of Grass

Different grasses are best to have depending on the season and what region you live in. Learn how to choose! Read More »

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Lawn Care Tips & Maintenance

Check out Victa's lawn tips and videos to get instruction on how to make your yard the best on the block. Read More »

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Lawn Care: Laying Turf & Lawn Maintenance

Learn the different ways to laying a foundation for your lawn by choosing the best method for you. Read More »

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Lawn Care & Garden Maintenance

Lawn care is necessary to maintain a healthy Australian lawn. Watering your grass & fertilising your lawn are critical! Read More »

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Lawn Weeds: How to Kill Weeds

Prevent lawn damage by learning what weeds are are in your yard and the best way to remove them. Read More »

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Starting Your Mower

Read More »

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Find out how to grow a lawn from the very first step here. It begins with planting grass seed in a well prepared yard. Read More »

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Summer Survival Skills
August 24, 2015

It’s forecast to be a long hot summer, with odds now favouring an El Niño event in 2015 (and possibly into 2016). In a bid to help gardeners protect their lawn and garden from the ongoing effects of the warm, dry conditions predicted, the garden and lawn experts at Victa have developed a number of summer survival skills with horticulturalist Adam Woodhams. Read More »

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July 06, 2017

There is little downtime for gardeners in winter despite it being a slow growth season. As the temperature drops, take the time to prepare the yard for the onset of more stressful conditions to come. Read More »