Lawn Edger Buying Guide

Nothing beats the trim and tidy look of perfectly edged lawn. The ultimate way to achieve this look is with a purpose-designed lawn edger.

Look Out For These Features

The vast majority of dedicated lawn edgers are petrol driven. Look for these features when looking for a lawn edger.

Adjustable Handles

Allows a person of any height to comfortably use the machine.

Adjustable Cutting Array and Wheels

Ensures the ability to set the blade to the right depth for your needs.


The most critical part of your lawn edger. These eventually need replacing to ensure they can be easily changed. Use care when cutting along hard, abrasive surfaces since they will quickly blunt and wear down blades.


Safety is one of the most important considerations when using garden power tools due to the inherent risks involved. Lawn edgers are no exception due to their high-speed rotating blade and the risk of ejected material.

When you’re buying your new lawn edger use this as an opportunity to add or replace gear in your safety kit. Always select Australian Standards Approved safety equipment.

As a minimum you’ll want to use:

  • Eye protection – safety glasses or goggles
  • Boots – preferably with a steel or safety cap
  • Hearing protection – ear muffs or ear plugs.