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82V 21 Inch Wide Cut Mower Kit 1687892


  • 21 inch steel chassis cuts more, lasts longer
  • Includes 2 x 2.0Ah 82V batteries
  • Mulching option - no more clippings and feeds your lawn
  • Stores upright to save space
Victa 18" Chainsaw VCS1845


  • Powerful 45cc 2-stroke engine and in-built clutch for durability and safety
  • Inertia activated chain brake
  • Advanced anti-vibration system for added comfort and reduced operator fatigue
  • Quality Oregon® low kickback 460mm (18") chainsaw bar and chain
Corvette 400 VGMS486


  • Ultimate Mulching Performance - Unique mulching blade-disc design generates air-circulation beneath the mower continually cutting the grass - creating a fine mulch!
  • ReadyStart® Technology - Starting made easy! No Prime, No Choke, Smooth Pull-Start!
  • Quad–Blade Cutting System - 4 swing-back blades deliver a cleaner cut & improved catching in thick, wet grass
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton U.S. built OHV 163cc 725EXi QPT Series engine - delivers the power you need to get the job done, even in heavy conditions!
82V Leaf Blaster Kit 1687893


  • Lightweight streamlined design - easy to control and operate
  • Easy to use trigger lock setting set switch and blast leaves
  • High power and performance makes it ideal for all applications
  • Compatible with 82V 2.0Ah & 4.0Ah battery for longer lasting power


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Victa now on Facebook

Victa, the iconic Australian brand has launched on Facebook!

In an effort to get closer to Australians and to make it easier to contact us than ever before, Victa has recently launched into the exciting world of Facebook.

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Limited edition Aussie 2-stroke lawn mower by Victa

Limited edition Aussie 2-Stroke Range

To celebrate the final season of Victa 2-Stroke Mowers, Victa is proud to present the “AUSSIE 2-STROKE Range consisting of 3 new models, utilising some of the traditional colours from yester year, as well as some new.

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