Victa provides a wide selection of popular options to accessorise or rejuvenate your mower, as well as offering you a great range of fuel containers to keep it fuelled up and ready to work. And to ensure your Victa remains in tip-top condition, there's a range of genuine Victa parts available too.

Victa Fuel Can (VictaAUEN_Spares_Fuel)

Victa markets a variety of oil and fuel products from which to choose. You can get Victa 2-stroke oil in 200ml packs, which is the correct fuel to oil ratio for a 5 litre can. You can also purchase 1 litre chamber packs ideal for accurate measurement. We also provide 4-stroke oil in a handy 1 Ltr size that's perfect for oil changes and top-ups.

Victa Parts (VictaAUEN_Spares_Parts)

Always use genuine replacement parts. They will ensure your mower operates to rated performance and safety levels and safeguard your warranty. The 'Lawnkeeper' range for example, provides you with Victa-approved spare parts manufactured to our high standards for optimum operating efficiency.