Lawn Mowers

Petrol powered lawn mowers are available with 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines and come in a variety of engine sizes and power levels. Don't forget electric-powered cordless mowers, which are compact, quiet and perfect for smaller backyards. 

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Easy Walker

The Victa® Easy Walker has self-propelled RWD system to take the strain out of pushing your mower. With a 19" deck you can get more done with less effort.

Pace 200 18''

The Victa Pace® 200 has an 18" cutting deck and improved power and ticks all the boxes for small to medium yards.

Corvette 400

The Victa® Corvette 400 provides premium power output on a push mower. Quad Blade mulching and QPT® makes this mower stand out against thick wet grass. Exclusive to Victa Gold Dealers®.


The limited edition Victa® Sonic delivers a lightweight mowing experience with an 16" cutting width perfect for a small yard.

Pace 300 18"

The Victa Pace® 300 is for the power hungry. A 150cc Briggs & Stratton 625EXi Series™ engine combined with a quad blade mulching disk will glide through tough jobs.

Pace 100 18''

The Victa Pace® 100 has an 18" cutting deck and ticks all the boxes for small to medium yards without breaking the bank.

Pace 400SP 19"

The Victa® Pace 400SP or Self-Propelled provides  and at the same time takes the effort out of pushing your mower.

Corvette 100

The Victa Corvette® 100 has an 18" deck, is easy to manoeuvre and dependable in harsh Australian conditions. Exclusive to Victa Gold Dealers®

Corvette Ultimate

The Corvette Ultimate puts you in command. Push button starting, self-propelled technology and Victa's Quad Blade Mulching system combines all of our best features for the Ultimate mower. Exclusive to Victa® Gold Dealers.

Corvette 300

Victa® Corvette 300 has a Briggs & Stratton 675EXi Series™ engine with QPT®. Quiet mowing with good power. Along with a Quad Blade Mulching Disk, it's hard to beat. Exclusive to Victa Gold Dealers®.

Mustang Self-Propelled

Victa Mustang® Self-Propelled brings the ease of Self-Propelled mowing to our best range of lawn mowers. All alloy 19" deck and power to perform.

Classic Cut

The Victa® Classic Cut is the quintessential Aussie mower. With an 18" cutting width and a large catcher it's the ideal choice for a small to medium size lawn.