Victa - The Most Trusted Australian Lawn Mower Brand of 2018

Victa has been named as the most trusted lawn mower brand in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in Australia for 2018, after bringing sunny backyard afternoons to Australian families for more than 66 years.

Victa’s employees continue to foster an environment of growth and learning, strengthening its brand and ensuring the products remain at the highest standard.

With its wide range of outdoor power equipment bringing ease into garden upkeep, it is no surprise to the company that Victa has become one of Australia’s most recognisable and trusted brands.

In its 66-year history, Victa has developed a reputation for products with strength, quality and reliability, with its range of outdoor equipment including, mowers, hedgers, trimmers, chainsaws and ride-on mowers.

The brand’s history started in 1951 when Mervyn Richardson saw how the ‘Mowhall’ rotary mower required two people to operate it.

Mervyn created a more efficient mower called the ‘PeachTin Prototype’, made of scrap metal with a peach tin used as the fuel tank.

By 1953, strong demand for these mowers led to him becoming the manager of Victa Mowers Pty Ltd. Today, Victa believes the strength of its brand lies with its employees and fosters an environment of growth and learning.

The product's engineers and product test team ensure the products meet standards, deliver on reliability and help Aussies get the job of maintaining their backyards done.

Victa provides battery and petrol-powered products, supported by its national network of Victa Gold Dealers.