Victa Lawn Mower Height

Victa offers a large variety of domestic and commercial mowers in a range of deck sizes, these range from 16 inches for smaller lawns to large 24 inch commercial mowers with a variety of sizes in between to find a match for your lawn. 

Victa lawn mower height adjustment is easy with the adjustment lever which makes changing the cutting height easy. 

How to cut long grass: if your grass is overgrown, cutting at a higher height will prevent the lawn mower cloggin and ripping your grass.

16" 40 Volt Lawn Mower Cordless Mulch or Catch (16 inch deck)

MSP606 Mastercut 600 (24 inch deck)

How to Cut Long Grass

Cutting long grass is a longer process.

How to cut long grass:

Check for hazards that may get caught up in mowing or be harmful such as rocks or snakes.

Use a String trimmer to cut the overgrown lawn to an appropriate lawn height where mowers are useable, even at the highest cutting height setting.

mow to finish the job and produce a clean lawn.

For grass that is just a little too long, mow at a high enough height to not clog the mower with too much grass.

For other lawns see our lawn establishment and lawn maintenance pages.

Lawn Height in the Summer Months

Summer is stressful for your lawn with heat waves and reduced moisture in the lawn, to keep as much moisture in your lawn as possible water in the morning during heatwaves and look into wetting agents. If it’s a sustained heatwave a deep watering in the morning is also a good idea and keep the lawn height low.

In summer you can raise the cutting height. But avoid scalping the lawn (a lower lawn height is acceptable) and avoid mowing straight after watering. Avoid letting the grass get too long and or read our paragraph on how to cut long grass.

Read more about summer lawn care.