Mowing and Landscaping a Sloped Yard

For conventional push mowers, mowing on a slope can carry an added risk. Make sure to avoid mowing directly up a landscape slope as the mower blades can fall towards your legs if you fall or lose grip. Sideways is always best. If it has been raining, try to avoid mowing on a slope altogether as the risk of slipping on wet grass is much greater.

For Ride On or Zero Turn mowers, mowing on a landscape slope is different to push mowers, you should mow up/down the landscape slope as this minimises the risk of a dangerous rollover, a roll hoop is available on most zero turn mowers to also reduce the risk. 

Lawn Mower Capabilities

When it comes to mowing on a slope, for self-propelled mowers the ability of the wheels to maintain traction on the grass is the limiting factor. Even if slip should occur at one wheel, the other wheel will keep on driving.

Many Victa models have larger wheels to assist with traction while mowing on a slope and inclines, other models also include different tread patterns to ensure greater levels of grip in all conditions.

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As a rule of thumb in most conditions, lawn mowers will readily drive up a 1 in 3 slope (18 degrees), and with more difficulty a 1 in 2 slope (27 degrees).